Thursday, June 02, 2005

Look forward to thomasanton returning this summer. We were pleased with our initial run and we both feel it was a good experience. Unfortunately school and finals caught up with us.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Anton and Thomas have not posted for the past week because of AP tests. They were really fun, but we realize that the party that is standardized testing cannot last forever. We should now be back on our regular posting schedule (that is, no schedule at all).

There are elections today in Great Britain, but the result is predicted to be Tony Blair. This will be his third term - pretty impressive considering that only Margaret Thatcher has won a third election in over 150 years. Also, Tony Blair is considerably better looking. Not even Alan Keyes could beat this guy!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Back to the Past

The place:
The time: Time for Anton to post!

So, to get right into it:

Sometimes people surprise thomasanton with feats of ingenuity, brilliance, or stupidity (we don't really care, we just like getting astounded). Sometimes, though, a story comes along that is so strange that we take a moment to make sure we hadn't accidentally licked any frogs. Take this for example. Apparently, some guy in Wisconsin kept his dead mother in a freezer for 5 years while he collected her social security checks.

Now, some people would label this guy as a couple of nuts short of a bolt, but we consider that the easy way out. The fact is that this guy isn't crazy - his genius is such it is 5 times greater than that of the average man... and 2 times greater than that of the thomasanton staff. Look at it like this: the guy in question did nothing except eat, sleep, converse in fluent Klingon with his internet homies, and work on his prototype lightsaber. I don't think he saw the true light of day for weeks. His friend described taking him grocery shopping and the guy buying 150 pounds of spam (mmm!) and three super-mega rolls of toilet paper.

This idyllic existence came to end when one of the neighbor's idiot children went tresspassing on Philip Schuth's property. Mr. Schuth naturally slapped the kid around a bit to teach the brat a lesson, which led to a disgruntled Mr. and Mrs. Annoying Kid coming over and chewing Schuth out. Schuth, however, already mad from Star Trek: Enterprise being cancelled, stepped out of his house, put his hand into his boots, drew out a .45 caliber pistol (!!!), and shot several times at the family. The family fled, and Schuth eventually surrendered peacefully to police after they surrounded his home, but not before exchanging fire with them too!
In fact, the lightly armed Schuth held them off for 15 hours, saying he had bombs in the basement and a cache of firearms, according to court documents.

Like I said, it's not often we hear about something as disturbing as this. But we must remember the emotional scarring that must have lead up to this point for Schuth; by all accounts his mother was responsible for a great deal of it. It's just comforting to know that, at the end of the day, mother and son could get back together for chill-out time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

thomasanton Illustrated

While Anton's busy writing a new post (he promises to start posting more often) a friend of ours, Luke, has created a cartoon to illustrate my previous post. I like Luke's pictures a lot, as they are a lot better and more colorful than mine. If anyone wants to submit something they can send it to "". With luck I will be able to convince Luke to make even more of these awesome pictures for thomasanton.
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Click here to see the large version.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Rice Tries to Hide Report

In the news yesterday the state department decided not to release their annual report on terrorism, entitled "Patterns of Global Terrorism". The report has been released for twenty years in a row, but this year the data was extremely alarming to Rice and her staff. The date shows that terrorist attacks show that there were 483 more terrorist attacks in 2004 than 2003. The number spiked from 172 to 655 - more than tripling the number of attacks.
The problem is that this time the Republican government has no excuse for their failure. The report used the exact same methodology as it had in the past. In fact, according to a report on NPR, the report did not count many of the insurgent attacks that occurred in Iraq.
If this isn't hypocrisy, then I don't know what it is. Nobody from the state department has come forward to explain why the report is being withheld from the people.
The only conclusion one can arrive to from this report is that the War on Terrorism is failing, and failing badly. A large number of attacks occurred in places that have received little attention from the Bush Agenda. Pakistan, supposedly an ally to the US, is responsible for a large number of the attacks in the war-torn Kashmir region.
The scandal has gone hilariously unreported in right wing blogs such as littlegreenfootballs and powerline. These are blogs that update their sites upwards of five times a day. "There appears to be a pattern in the administration's approach to terrorism data: favorable facts are revealed while unfavorable facts are suppressed," was the response a leading house Democrat had to the news. I couldn't agree more.
I don't think I've ever seen a better example of why the War on Terrorism is such a sham. If anything, it has only made terrorism worse. When Saudi Arabia had local elections with only men allowed to vote for a limited number of candidates, Republicans claimed that their foreign policy was brilliant. But along comes some very bad news for the and suddenly a report that has been published for almost three decades is not suitable for the American public. I challenge anyone to give me one good reason why it would be against American interests for me and all Americans to access this report.


P.S. Anton won't post because he is lazy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Yahoo! Some News

Another reason why thomasanton rocks

This is awesome. Of 4,620,000 sites when you search for "cat hunting" on yahoo, ours was third, only behind yahoo and CNN. We are directly in front of "cat hunting" stories by both NPR and the Associated Press.

thomasanton, my friends, is the third best place to go on all the internet for info on "cat hunting". See the article that made it all happen here

I was scanning google news and not a single article looked interesting, except for ones on the pope. But Anton's covering the pope, so for now you'll have to rely on him to find out about the secret, scandalous life of Pope Benedict XVI at his "prayer " ranch in the Alps. So just a quick summary before I go to bed.

-The Senate panel that's reviewing John Bolton's nomination to the UN ambassador post has postponed the vote. This is mostly because a Republican Senator from Ohio said that more time was needed to review the nominee's shady record. "My conscience got to me" he claimed. So what's wrong with all the other Republicans consciences?

-Vandals have drained a lake at a Salvation Army summer camp for poor kids. Whatever happened to unreadable graffiti and smashing mailboxes?

-The city of Baltimore, long plagued by high crime and poverty rates, has decided to auction off its name on eBay. So far the highest bidder is Carlos Mullenos of Des Moines, Iowa, who proposes to name the city "Poopsville". Carlos explained that he thought it was "a sweet prank" to play on Baltimore's 650,000 residents. The current bid is $5.43 and Baltimore promises a free tour of the city to the winner of the auction. Seriously though, I hate stupid eBay auctions.

-Prince Charles is being rebuked for shaking Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at the funeral of the pope. They somehow came to be sitting next to each other and Mugabe "surprised" the prince by leaning over and offering his hand.

-A deadly hotel fire in Paris this week was apparently caused by a women who had lit candles in a breakfast room for a romantic evening with her boyfriend, the night watchman. But the two had a fight over the candles and left in a rage, throwing clothes (I wonder, were they naked when they left?) all over the floor.

-A teacher is using the video game Myst in his classroom to teach his class creative writing or some crap like that. The real reason? He wants to teach the kids just how boring bad video games can be. For those who don't know, Myst is the worst game in the world. It involves going through a puzzle world and clicking on stuff. That's it. Only 5 people have ever beaten the game, and those are the people who built it. Our teacher let us play this in school in 6th grade, but I found it more entertaining to chew on rocks.

I think I'm done so good night.